HOPE Family Health | Board of Directors

The HOPE Family Health Board of Directors is made up of community leaders, physicians, attorneys, and other volunteers that serve, protect, and provide over-site to the HOPE organization. EMAIL: board@hopefamilyhealth.org

Mark Beeler Chairman | Owner & President of Pony Mailbox

David Flynn Vice Chairman | Senior Director of Technology, Macon County Schools

Brad Tuttle Treasurer | Owner, Alexander Funeral Home

Dennis Wolford Secretary | CEO, Macon County General Hospital

Karen Simons Board Member | Retired HOPE Medical Assistant

Bill Mize Board Member | CEO, Trousdale Medical Center

Cynthia Hall Templeton Board Member | Attorney at Law, The Templeton Law Firm

Ray Amalfitano Board Member | CEO, Chief of Police, Westmoreland, Tennessee | Chief Instructor at Active Training

Kei Keene Board Member | Banker, US Bank

Liz Ferrell Board Member | Assistant Public Defender, 18th Judicial District

Stacey Brawner Board Member | Community Outreach at Macon General Hospital

Jonique Neasman Board Member | Local Business Owner, Windy City Grill

Tina Vega Board Member | Sumner County Corrections Officer