Wellness Resources

It is a little bit difficult for non-medical users to judge the health or medical information you find on the internet is authoritative or not. Unlike other kinds of information like how to download free movies, health and medical information really matters. So we have compiled this most trustworthy health websites list according to their history, trustworthiness, contents, alexa ranking and reviews.


Patient FORMs

It will help you see the provider much faster if you have all of the paperwork completed before your visit. Click on the form below that you need and fill it out entirely. Bring it with you to your next office visit.

(please print and complete this packet in full before your visit)

Print Complete New Patient Registration Packet

our mission

HOPE Family Health seeks to improve access to primary health-care in rural Middle Tennessee, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations such as the uninsured, under-insured, poor, homeless, children, migrant workers, and those addicted to substances. We seek to restore dignity, faith, HOPE, and health in those we serve by making them partners in the healing process and providing them with loving, compassionate care.

our vision

In 2005 Hope Family Health founders envisioned a health-care facility that would never turn a patient away based on insurance status or ability to pay; and to date, Hope Family Health has lived up to that vision!

“Never, never, never give up…always keep HOPE” Winston Churchill