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 The HOPE Family Health Board of Directors is made up of community leaders, attorneys, and other volunteers who serve, protect, and provide oversight to the HOPE organization. EMAIL: board@hopefamilyhealth.org

Brad Tuttle 2019   Brad Tuttle Chairman | Team National Independent Marketing Director

Cynthia Templeton 2019   Cynthia Hall Templeton Vice Chair | Attorney at Law, The Templeton Law Firm

Shelley Ames 2019   Shelley Ames Secretary | Retired Salvus Center Executive Director

Kei Keene 2019   Kei Keene Treasurer | Mortgage Specialist at Macon Bank & Trust Company

Dennis Wolford 2019   Dennis Wolford Board Member | Retired Hospital Administrator   

Bill Mize 2019   Bill Mize Board Member | Retired Hospital Administrator

Ray Amalfitano 2019   Ray Nicolazzi Board Member | Westmoreland Police Detective

Tina Vega 2019   Tina Vega Board Member | Sumner County Corrections Officer

Tara 2 Tara Nicolazzi Board Member | Macon Bank & Trust Company Banking Officer