Wellness Resources

In today’s world, there are so many sources of information! At HOPE, we believe that education is power, and we encourage you to learn as much as you can about any condition you may be facing. Please feel free to ask your HOPE providers ANY questions you have about your treatment, care, and staying healthy! If you do wish to do research online, we recommend the following websites. Please note: While helpful, visiting a website should never take the place of visiting your medical provider. We recommend that you refer to these resources to learn more about healthy living, symptoms that need medical attention, and/or to learn more about a specific diagnosis or course of treatment after seeing your medical provider or specialist.

General Health Information

  • WebMD.com, click here
  • WebMD is a trustworthy and user-friendly website providing a wealth of information on a variety of health and wellness topics including active healthy living, disease symptoms and treatment, information about specific medications and drug interactions, and more!

  • mayoclinic.org click here
  • Mayoclinic.com is a website for patients and their families designed by the Mayo Clinic – one of the most respected medical facilities in the United States of America. The website features comprehensive, patient-friendly information about numerous diseases and conditions as well as a helpful symptom checker for children and adults.

  • National Institutes of Health click here
  • NIH.gov is the health information website of the National Institute of Health. This is an excellent resource for clear information on health topics including diseases and conditions, healthy relationships, health and wellness practices, quitting smoking, losing weight, tips on communicating with your doctor, clinical trials, complementary and integrative medicine, nutrition supplements, and more.

    Health Insurance Information

  • healthcare.gov, click here
  • Healthcare.gov is the official government website for information about health insurance plans offered through the Marketplace under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. To learn more, OR to apply for coverage, click here now!

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resources

  • nimh.nih.gov, click here
    The National Institute of Mental Health is the official resource for information and resources pertaining to Mental Health treatment in the United States.

  • samhsa.gov, click here
    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is the official resource for information and treatment for the abuse of alcohol and other drugs with many free publications available for download.

  •  nami.org, click here
    National Alliance on Mental Illness is a mental health self-help resource for both family’s and individuals with accurate information about common mental health disorders.

    Oral Health and Dental Resources

  •  mouthhealthy.org click here
    This website for patients, sponsored by the American Dental Association, is chock full of tips and guidance for a healthy mouth! You’ll find support for oral health at various life stages, product and nutrition information, and even a helpful symptom checker.

  •  mouthhealthykids.org click here
    This website, especially for children and teens, features tips for oral health, activity sheets, games and quizzes, toothbrushing calendars, and even toothbrushing tunes and videos